Samantha Jones, Registered Midwife, BM (Hons)
Maternity Complementary Therapy Specialist & Birth Trauma Resolution Practitioner
Contact: 07464 627572


These are courses of treatments which have been designed to reduce the effects of common problems experienced during pregnancy, such as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, SPD, Sciatica, Pain, etc. They are very powerful in improving health and wellbeing, and are safe for you and your baby due to the specific management of the therapy combined with my knowledge as a midwife.


We offer tailored specialist packages including, Birth Preparation Package, Nausea & Sickness In Pregnancy, Massage for optimum development of your baby and your bonding, Post Due Date Package when baby still hasn’t put in an appearance by your due date, Moxibustion for babies who are breech and our unique Positive Birth Package for women who fear birth.


 Birth Trauma (BT) is Real and behind every birth is a story.   It goes unrecognised, undiagnosed or misdiagnosed as health professionals are not trained in this area and therefore do not know how to appropriately treat or refer.  It is thought 6% of women suffer with PTSD  and  a further 20 – 25% are undiagnosed. If you want effective treatment Please take a look at our page.


At Natural Pregnancy we believe that women should have information to safely use and administer Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Our therapies focus on a “whole” person approach linking physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Our services offer a ONE to ONE woman-centred approach to enhance your maternity care and are customised to meet your needs.  Due to our range of therapies we are able to use the therapy that is most suited to relieving and resolving your condition whilst providing relevant advice relating to your pregnancy.

We would like to congratulate you on your pregnancy and look forward to developing a package with you to enrich your experience of pregnancy and childbirth.  If you would like a 15 minute free, no obligation, chat.  Please contact us through the contact us page leaving your contact details and a convenient time to call.


Blends of essential oils are used to ease various conditions in pregnancy, labour and during the postnatal period. Blends are applied using massage, inhalation, compress, footbath, bath or a combination of these. Massage manipulates soft tissues of the body and can help with relaxation, lactation and depression.


Using fine needles, pregnancy acupuncture offers a safe alternative to conventional treatments for morning sickness, pelvic pain and sciatica. Reflexology treatments use the feet to encourage the body to self-heal connecting mind, body and spirit, effectively rebalancing the pregnant body or following the birth.

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