Pregnancy Packages

Please bring your handheld maternity notes with you otherwise, I will not be able to carry out your treatment.

Nausea & Vomiting In Pregnancy Consultation £50

Sickness in Pregnancy (often referred to as Morning Sickness) can be very debilitating.  There are many reasons why you may experience nausea and/or vomiting, but whatever the reason it must be treated correctly or your symptoms and the sickness will increase.  This package has an initial 1 hour session to assess your symptoms and create an effective and appropriate treatment to relieve symptoms.  


Mama Nurture Package – Post Dates Treatment £100

Available from 40 weeks these 2 x 1 hour treatments (4-7 days apart) helps your body to relax and unwind to help prepare for natural labour, reducing the possibility of a medical ‘Induction of Labour’. Aromatherapy, relaxation massage and acupressure/ acupuncture are combined with mood music and lighting to encourage your body to gently move towards labour.


Spinning Baby Package – For Baby’s who are Breech £100

This 2 hour session is available from 34 weeks, This package uses moxibustion to try to gently turn your baby to a head down (cephalic) presentation for a vaginal delivery.  Totally hands off treatment, all information and pregnancy moxibustion sticks included in the treatment.


Expectant Mum – Birth Body Boost Package £120

This package has 3 x 1 hour sessions for women from 32 weeks gestation who would like to use complementary therapy to reduce the possibility of a medical Induction of Labour. 1st session: relaxation plus need to know essentials, 2nd & 3rd Sessions: Acupuncture to help your body nudge gently towards natural labour.


Birthing Partner Support £45

This is a private one hour practical session for couples (or a woman and her birthing partner) to learn and practice various massage techniques, incorporating acupressure for labour to help with pain and promote relaxation.  


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