specialist Pregnancy Packages

From early pregnancy, to preparing for birth and parenting women have lots of questions about their body, how it changes and what is normal. Women want evidence to make informed decisions about pregnancy and birth, so we have packages to support parents-to-be through online group and individual face-to-face consultations to help you through your pregnancy and birth journey
enabling you to interact and ask questions as well as have safe and effective treatments.

Please bring your handheld maternity notes with you otherwise we will not be able to carry out your treatment.

Pregnancy, labour & birth – parents to be course

This course runs over 3 sessions and has been designed to provide you with the best knowledge from evidence and what parents have fed back to me over the years.  It is run in small interactive group session in the comfort of your own home, so you can become involved as much or as little as you like.  It helps you learn all about your pregnancy, including any issues you may want to discuss, and prepares you for your labour through understanding your birth choices.

Topics include:
Induction of labour and what you can do to try to avoid a medical induction (evidence based).  Perineal massage, breech presentations, how you know you are in labour. 
Labour – what happens to your body, how you can help yourself and partner support. 
Birth – your baby and the placenta. 
Your baby – how they communicate, vitamin K, the first checks, feeding, bathing. 
You and your baby in the early post natal period.


Nausea & Sickness (morning sickness)

Nausea (feeling sick) and vomiting (being sick) in pregnancy can start as early as 5-6 weeks of pregnancy and be very debilitating.  Although referred to as ‘Morning Sickness’ symptoms can often occur at any time during the day or night.  This package assesses your symptoms to determine any pre-pregnancy circumstances which may contribute to the severity of your symptoms.  We work together to reduce the nausea & vomiting through an effective bespoke treatment plan.  


Due Date Treatment – aiming to avoid medical induction of labour

Available from 40 weeks, this bespoke treatment plan is underpinned by published audited results.  Using a combination of therapies and essential oils we work holistically with your body encouraging effective hormone release to aim your body to nudge you into labour.  Includes bespoke blend of aromatherapy oils plus acupressure and body techniques for continued treatment at home.  Excellent for couples choosing a HOMEBIRTH.


pregnancy massage – premium package

Evidence suggests regular massage in pregnancy promotes blood circulation and in turn oxygen and nutrients to your baby, nurturing their growth.  It also help build brain development and the bond between you and your baby as they love massage and move around.  These treatments use essential oils administered through a full head to massage which you can use throughout your pregnancy from 12 weeks until your due date.  Includes advice on perineal massage.


Preparing for Birth – Body Prep

This package is available from 32 weeks and prepares your body for labour.  We work together using body techniques and reflexzone therapy as well as acupunture and acupressure to prepare your body to be ready for labour whilst helping your baby to be in the best position for birth. 

Choose from:

Basic Package: 3 sessions

Standard Package: 5 sessions

Premium Package: 8 sessions and a place on my parents-to-be antenatal course.


Positive Birth Package 

Some women fear birth either because they have had a bad experience or as a phobia even though they may not have given birth before (known as Tokophobia).  This package explores your fears about birth and teaches you effective relaxation techniques incorporating a specialist treatment to help you be positive about giving birth.


breech baby package

If your baby hasn’t turned into a head down position this is the perfect treatment for you both.  Available from 34 weeks we discuss the different types of breech presentation, alternative delivery choices and external cephalic version (ECV).  We look at how this may impact you if you have a resus negative blood group and what the RCOG (Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) guidelines recommend following the evidence.  Many health care professionals do not discuss Moxibustion as an option for turning your baby but this treatment can also be used prior to ECV and caesarean section if you like to try it. 


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