Pregnancy Packages

Please bring your handheld maternity notes with you otherwise, I will not be able to carry out your treatment.

Mama Wellness – Pregnancy Nausea & Sickness  £120

Sickness in Pregnancy (often referred to as Morning Sickness) can be very debilitating.  There are many reasons why you may experience nausea and/or vomiting, but whatever the reason it must be treated correctly or your symptoms and the sickness will become worse.  This package consists of 3 consultations to establish what is causing your symptoms then create an effective and ongoing treatment regime.  


Flourish & Blossom Pregnancy Package £150

2 x Massage Treatments and 2 x Reflexology Treatments for you to take from 12 weeks of pregnancy until your due date.  These treatments will be tailored to your needs to help you to relax whilst treating any common pregnancy ailments you may have, helping you to enjoy your pregnancy.  


Expectant Mum – Birth Body Boost Package £120

This package has 3 x 1 hour sessions for women from 32 weeks gestation who would like to use complementary therapy to reduce the possibility of a medical Induction of Labour. 1st session: relaxation plus need to know essentials, 2nd & 3rd Sessions: Acupuncture to optimise your body to help reduce stress hormones and encourage birth hormones.


Positive Birth Package £120

This package explores your fears about birth and teaches you effective relaxation techniques incorporating a positive birth rehearsal in your first consultation. For your 2nd consultation you can choose between a Reflexology Treatment or Aromatherapy Massage to help you relax ready for the birth of your baby.


Mama Nurture Package – Due Date Treatment £100

Available from 40 weeks these 2 x 1 hour treatments (4-7 days apart) helps your body to relax and unwind to help prepare for natural labour, reducing the possibility of a medical ‘Induction of Labour’. Aromatherapy, relaxation massage and acupressure/ acupuncture are combined with mood music and lighting to encourage your body to gently move towards labour.


Spinning Baby Package – For Baby’s who are Breech £65

Available from 34 weeks, as a 1 hour session. This treatment encourages your baby to gently turn to a head down (cephalic) presentation for a vaginal delivery.  Totally hands off treatment, full information and moxibustion sticks included as home administration is required.


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