Samantha Jones, MSc, BM Hons

Registered Midwife


“Giving Birth Should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear”               
(Jane Weideman, The Positive Birth Movement)

Samantha Jones is a registered midwife with a first class honours degree and holds a Masters in Midwifery. She works part-time as a Midwifery Lecturer & Associate Tutor alongside her private clinical practice supporting women and families through challenging fertility journeys, problems in pregnancy and treating Birth Trauma resulting in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

In 2017, Samantha completed a Diploma in Midwifery Complementary Therapies and a Certificate in Midwifery Acupuncture with Expectancy, the leading provider of accredited complementary therapy courses for midwives.  Samantha’s services include pregnancy massage using aromatherapy, pregnancy acupuncture and pregnancy reflexology.

In 2019 having qualified as a certified Birth Trauma Resolution Practitioner, (trained by Jenny Mullen in Birth Trauma Resolution – the only Royal College of Midwives accredited course in the UK). Samantha started treating women for effects of Birth Trauma resulting in PTSD and now works with women, men and health professionals suffering with these symptoms for successful treatment.

Samantha believes pregnancy and birth are normal life events which require a partnership between the woman and the midwife to achieve safe and effective care choices within maternity services. Although she is based in the UK, she works with women Internationally, through online platforms to enable them to obtain effective information and treatments.  Samantha holds a philosophy of SAFETY first, because although complementary therapies are NATURAL they may not be safe for you if you have had medical issues before you were pregnant or developed a medical complication during your pregnancy.

Samantha is passionate about giving high quality care through individualised support to increase your choices during your maternity care.  As such her treatments and packages of holistic care are designed to support your emotional and mental well-being starting with preconception care and challenging fertility journeys, through your pregnancy by easing any discomforts to enhance your antenatal and postnatal experiences. 

Specialist packages include:
*  Fertility Support
*  Emotional Support through Pregnancy due to Baby Loss, Miscarriage or IVF
*  Relief from nausea and vomiting (morning sickness)
*  Birth Preparation – From 32 weeks using therapies to optimise your chances of natural labour
*  Post Dates Treatment – after 40 weeks to help your body to go into natural labour and avoid a medical induction
*  Babies who are Breech (bottom first).
*  Birth Trauma & PTSD Treatment

Fully insured through FEDANT (Federation of antenatal educators) No. 12929 and the RCM with a valid DBS certificate

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