Pregnancy problems – courses of treatment

Below are listed many common problems women experience in pregnancy. 

Using my midwifery knowledge and expertise in complementary therapies I have designed these courses of treatments 
to provide the most effective results to relieve the symptoms you are experiencing.  The course of treatment commences with
3 treatments initially, following this initial course you can decide whether to continue with a maintenance course of treatment. 
Further courses of treatments may be required to maintain effective relief of symptoms.
Please bring your handheld maternity notes with you otherwise we will not be able to carry out your treatment.

Anxiety & Stress

Pregnancy can be a time of anxiety, and day to day life can increase stress leaving you feeling worried, restless and agitated.  Stress hormones can pass to baby, so to reduce the hormone levels and create a calm environment for your baby to grow, book this treatment.


Hormones relax muscles and ligaments through pregnancy so you may experience discomfort, pain and aching in the lower back, the upper back and neck or all areas.  This treatment targets these areas to relieve pain and tension to promote good posture and to support your growing baby.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is very common in pregnancy and causes numbness, tingling and pain in the fingers, hands and arms. It is caused by a compressed nerve in your wrist.  This treatment aims to relieves the discomfort.

Itching, Obstetric Cholestasis & PUPPs 

Itching in pregnancy may be as a result of skins stretching as baby grows.  It can be very unpleasant and can lead to intense itching causing bleeding to the skin.  Cholestasis is a serious pregnancy complication requiring medication. PUPPS (Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy) is a rash which can be very itchy, usually occurs in first pregnancy.  This treatment aims to relieve itching and promotes calming and healing of the skin and may be used alongside conventional medical treatment.


Pregnancy hormones can contribute to episodes of constipation, bloating and abdominal discomfort.  Left untreated it can cause straining during bowel movements leading to further issues such as haemorrhoids.  This treatment aims to relieve constipation and promote good digestion, whilst reducing bloating and abdominal pain.

Cramp & Restless leg Treatment

Cramp occurs generally in the calf muscles and feet causing muscle spasms and pain. RLS causes a sense of constant movement and twitching.   This treatment promotes blood circulation and relaxation/stimulation of the muscles which can relieve pain and reduce episodes of cramp.

Headaches and Migraines

If you are suffering with headaches and/or migraines in pregnancy and want an alternative to medication? This treatment uses aromatherapy and head massage to provide relief and gives you some techniques to use at home.

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

You will be carefully assessed to rule out any Preeclampsia symptoms. This treatment uses acupuncture to help your body to manage your blood pressure.


This treatment promotes a good nights sleep using aromatherapy and massage.


Effective treatment to reduce discomfort and encourage lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling.

Relaxation: Targeted Treatment

This treatment combines mini-treatments to give a focused relaxation treatment.  May include: footbath/foot massage/hand massage/head massage/ shoulder and neck message, depending on the symptoms you experience.

Relaxation: Full Body Aromatherapy Massage (single treatment)

This full body massage starts at the feet, incorporates the legs, problematic areas of the back, arms and hands and finishes with a head massage. During your consultation you will choose aromatherapy oils for your massage, which can help to relieve issues in pregnancy.  Totally relaxing and safe for you, and your baby.  

Sciatic Pain Treatment

Sciatic pain in pregnancy is common. Symptoms include pain, numbness and tingling travelling from the lower back through the buttocks into the legs.  It can occur on one or both sides of the body which is due to pressure on or irritation of the sciatic nerve.   This treatment helps in relieving pain. Weekly treatments relieve symptoms..

Sinus Treatment £135

When the Sinuses are blocked you may experience symptoms of a blocked nose, facial pain, headaches, and poor sense of smell.  Sometimes you may have a feelings of a cold or flu.  This treatment uses essential oils and massage to provide relief of symptoms.

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) 

SPD occurs in pregnancy due to hormonal relaxation of muscles and ligaments initiating pain and swelling in the groin and pubic area.  The condition worsens as the baby grows putting pressure on this area.  Symptoms include back or hip pain, grinding or clicking of pubic area, pain down inside of thighs, worsening pain when walking, turning in bed or opening your legs. This treatment is effective in relieving pain, requiring weekly treatments during pregnancy (severe SPD may require twice weekly treatments).

UTI/Thrush/Cystitis £135

To help treat Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) or uncomfortable itching or burning.

Varicose Veins and Haemorrhoids £135

Using acupuncture and aromatherapy this treatment relieves symptoms and encourages blood flow.

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