Post Natal Treatments & Packages

Following the birth of your baby your body will go through a process of change to begin the return to its pre-pregnancy condition our support package encourages your body to rebalance in a gentle way.  In addition, research has shown that women would like to breastfeed longer and would like support to do this, our breastfeeding online consultation will provide this support which is tailored to your individual needs.


This appointment is 1 hour.  You can bring your baby with no stress about feeding during your treatment.  The treatment is designed to incorporate your preferences in massage, reflexology, acupuncture or aromatherapy and support the body’s natural ability to self heal.


This package is designed for the early days of feeding and provides 5 hours of support in your own home.  Together we will ensure you have established correct position and attachment of baby to the breast, cover hand expression, and discuss problems you are having and how to overcome them.  Additionally we can talk about pump expressing and safe storage of breast milk for you to be able to manage lactation confidently going forward. If you live further than a 10 mile radius from my treatment facilities please contact me for a quotation to incorporate travelling costs.


If you are concerned about the process of breast feeding and whether you have enough milk, this 1 hour session will help you understand how breastfeeding and lactation work and create the best treatment to help resolve your issues

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